Have you ever woke up from a dream that cause you to sweat shake with fear and feel like crying? This happen often to me and, I have to get up and watch TV or go on Computer to get my mind off the dreams so I'm be able to relax again. My wife says I make strange sounds and swing my arm and kick in my sleep.
The dreams, that I can remember " some I can't remember when I wake up"
are of people I know, who do something very mean to me, and I don't know way. Theses are situations that have actually happened to me.
I think about the dream and I try to figure out why the person or persons did what they to me.
I am under a Doctors care right now, that is helping me with Depression and Anxiety. It's all tied together some how, the not being able to let the history of past of past issues in your mind. They hide in the back of your mind and hold you a prisoner. Past emotions, which makes you depressed.
It seems to me, that he is on a right road to some where. To let go of the past go and moving on.
I will post later as things progress, I hope.