So, I always used to have depression episode since I was 12 or earlier, and attempted suicide many times, but I didn't know about "Depression" in the clinical meaning.

Three years ago I attempted suicide and was hospitalized by medicine overdose. And that was first time to visit a psychiatrist, who prescribed Cymbalta and then Faverine, also I dropped my semester at school and stayed with my family for a couple of months, I came back to school and it was perfect really, I got high marks, and it was good.

Seven months ago, I started to feel lack of interest especially in study, so I took Zoloft 50 mg daily at night. And that was without seeing a doctor, and yes here were I live currently in the Middle East it is easy to buy medicine without prescription.

Zoloft worked well I think, until two months ago when I started to experience depression symptoms like, lack of interest, low energy, tiredness... It is worsening week after week regularly, now I have EXTREME fatigue, and SUPER tired, I even look around for a billow everywhere I go, even at class to lay down. So I feel really tired after reading a page, although I love reading, also not motivated to play sports, although I love sports...

Today finally I visited a psychiatrist who is really reputable here in Jordan, ME, but for some reason I didn't feel he was serious, it was only 15 minutes, and then he said that my issue is bipolar depression rather than major depression, because I experience low feelings for months and then great feelings for months after, and so on.

He asked me to stop Zoloft gradually, and prescribed Effexor 75 mg XR and mood stabilizer Depakion (not sure of the spelling) 500 mg. and asked me to visit him again after 10 gays.

What do you think? Please HELP ME!

P.S sorry for the long monologue.