... me to lose weight. My doctor switched me to Wellbutrin XL 3 weeks ago. I am reducing the dosage of zoloft and am currently taking approx 12.5 mg every 3rd day. I have had trouble with brain zaps and confusion, so quitting cold turkey is not an option. I am hoping the zoloft will be completely out of my system in a few days.
The doctor initially prescribed 150mg of Wellbutrin to be taken in the morning. For the first week, the dosage was great! I had increased focus and energy. Then, I gradually became very sluggish and confused. By the end of the 2nd week, I would come out of the "fog" around 5pm. The doctor advised me to cut the dosage in half and take 75mg for a few days. The same thing has occurred - I am very tired and sluggish about an hour after taking the pill. I am considering taking the 150mg dosage at night since it seems to make me sluggish and then focused (instead of the other way around). Is this something that other people have encountered?
I am a single mom and am currently working on my doctorate degree (obviously not in medicine). I have just begun a 6 month journey in statistical research which is difficult enough to focus on because of the topic itself, let alone have to combat fatigue and sleepiness while trying to study. Have other people had similar responses to WBXL in terms of sleepiness / sluggish after taking the dose followed by energy and focus later in the evening? If so, did taking the dosage at night help resolve the issue?
I appreciate any feedback. My doctor has advised to stick with the WB for a few more weeks because he feels that it will work and has given me approval for taking it before bed. I have a wonderful doctor and trust him, I just would like to hear about similar experiences and what to expect.
Thank you