I visited a neurologist who diagnosed me with "tension headache" and prescribed me a cortisone injection in addition to 9 days of prednisolone (3 days 60mg, 3 days 40mg, 3 days 20mg) = total 10 days
The tension headache has gone, however, I still have headache on the sides of my head and behind my eyes, some pressure in my ears sometimes.

During my prednisolone course,I had severe depression, mood changes, anxiety (i couldn't sleep), sweating.(I didn't have any history with these weird side effects)

Now, it's day 7 after stopping the prednisolone and i still have depression and feel like i want to cry but not with the same severity when I used to take this horrible medicine.

How many days would this depression last? and are there any tests that would would help me make sure my adrenal/pituitary glands are OK or not?