My mother has smoked Crack Cocaine for some years, still does pills, smokes marijuana. She has left me a drug houses when I was a baby, she has left me with my 80 year old grandmother who I believe has been brainwashed by my mother. She gets more then 3,000$ a month from my grandmother. She has pawned off not only my belongings, but my older sisters. She has a very bad problem, I can not even tell you how many times she yells and calls me names a day. Whenever she doesn't get money from my grandmother, I'm the only one to defend her so sometimes things do get a little physical. I need legal advice to get out of my current situation. I would like to live with my sister where I do have a positive influence in my life. By my mom not staying home and caring for my grandmother it causes me to loose so much time in school. I miss about 94 days a year because my grandma is so bad off and because no one is here to help her. I am the only male in my family with my last name so the pressure is heavy to take care of her. I lost my Father in January of 2004 (alcoholic). All I'm doing is asking for help to get out of my current situation or try to help my mother out. She does NOT admit to having a drug problem. So that's how I know it is serious. She has caused me to go into a deeper depression ever since my dad passed away. Thank you.