... an cleaned everything up (spinal stenosis) and slipped disc no fusion was done. I am feeling very sad and crying all the time. I think everyone feels like I should just be back to my old self. i'm NOT I still have back pain and muscle spasms. My pain management Dr (physicans assistant) is telling me I should be weening myself off the meds this was 2 weeks ago. I have been pushing myself with the holidays here and maybe doing more than I should, but at this point I have no idea what I should or shouldn't be doing! On Wednesday I had to visit my family Dr because my incision was swollen and tender. I have an abscess at the top of the incision where the dissolvable stiches are. I feel like crap in general all the time. I was told at the time this surgery would NOT help the back pain only the pain running down my butt and my legs. It has helped with that. But if it isn't going to help the back pain which was and is worse than the leg pain then how am I going to wean myself off the meds ! Sometimes I feel the back pain has gotten worse since the surgery! Please anyone going threw what I have been going threw ? My husband thinks I should just snap out of it and stop crying. The rest of my family is always on me about taking my meds. Why doesn't anyone understand ?