About two years ago I was bit by a dog(rottweiler) and received over 100 stitches on my face and arm. I am left with multiple scars on my cheek that are very noticeable and one huge jagged scar on my arm. Before the accident I suffered from slight depression, but after, it has gone over the limit. I had to go to a therapist/physcologist and it did not help what so ever. I always have to cover the scar with my hair.. if anyone saw it I would have a panic attack. In school, I am always nervous and jittery, always self-conscious, in a bad mood, talking to myself in my head constantly, and i try to avoid people... but it's really not easy. I get anxiety attacks at work (I am a waitress), at school, and over very small things. I'm so overly sensitive and I'm tired of the same thing everyday. I've never felt so drained and im on the edge about to fall. I've tried xanax before (was not prescribed) but it made me not care or think about what other people were saying but was thinking of whats important. Please help!!!