Hi guys-

I'm really struglling. I have been taking Resperidone for about 3 months. I was diagnosed with MDD/anxiety/panic attacks several years ago and SNRI's and SSRI's did not work for me.

Initally (for about a month) I felt GREAT on Resperidone, but as of late have done a complete nose dive. My anxiety isn't bad, but my depression has gotten so much worse. I also take alprazolam (.5 mg) 3x/day - just for maintenance. Am slowly weaning off of this - had been up to 3 mg a day.

Also, the weight gain is outrageous. Unless I basically starve myself in a day, if I eat "normally" (which is very light) I will gain a good 2 lbs in a day.

I am wondering about just stopping meds altogether and just giving my brain a break (minus the alprazolam). I feel like so many years of this and trying this thing or that, I don't even have a baseline anymore. I don't remember what "normal" is. The depression started when I was taking Cymbalta about 3 yrs ago, and switched to the generic (nightmare) and then right after switched to Paxil (another nightmare) which at that time was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder in addition ot panic/anxiety which I have had for 20+ years.

I've read a little about Topamax - has anyone ever tried this for depression? I'm really struglling. Any help or info is much appreciated.

I'm not sure what to do. I have an appt with my psychiatrist on Wed.