My boyfriend of 4 years has recently started using Oxycontin (and Roxies) this past September. At first, I thought that he was just doing it with his friends because they were giving it to him and it was a way for him to look "cool" in front of them. At first, on occasion, I would do some with him here and there but not nearly as much as he has been. I do not do them at all anymore.
His friends give it to him for "free" or it seems to me that he sits around waiting for someone to just say "Here take some" As far as I've seen, he rarely asks but it's as if he expects it.
I attempted to help him with an at-home detox the past 3 days. He had the typical withdrawal symptoms like RLS, insomnia, aches and pains and overall just feeling like ****.
Just this morning (The 3rd day of detox) he began to really open up to me as to why he does the drugs. He told me that when he's not on them, he doesn't give a crap about anything. When he is on them, he's more productive, he eats, he goes to school etc. I have even noticed an improvement in the way that he treats me when he's on them. He expressed to me that he wants to still do them and he wants to do them so he can get through his day and be able to sit through school and get a degree.
I sense he is seriously depressed. I suggested that he go see his doctor, tell him exactly how the Oxycontin makes him feel and how exactly he feels off of it and the doctor may be able to provide to him a better route of dealing with his obvious depression. (Which he doesn't think it is depression, he just calls it as not giving a ****... In which my response is, "That IS depression sweetie")
He wants to continue the use until he sees the doctor this week.
I have a really hard time determining what I should be doing about this. I don't want to sit back and watch him get deeper and deeper into the drugs. On the other hand, I want him to be successful.

Has anyone had a similar experience as this either with a loved one OR have you been in my boyfriends shoes before? I need some insight from people that have been through this before. I love him dearly but I hope that he can face his real problems head on rather than sedating them. What can I do?