I had said I wasn't gonna visit til my next visit w/ the Dr, but I can't take it anymore! My situation has been very stressful and its taken a toll on myself and my marriage. I thought my husband and I had moved passed my first miscarriage. Knowing that this pregnancy might end up that way too, has taken a toll on everybody. I can't stop thinking of the worst. Im always worried and stressed. My husband has tried to be there but he's in the military and its hard for him to show any kind of sensitivity. He's tried to understand and to be my rock. Last night we had the worst argument, and it took a toll on me and my body. I started spotting heavily and haven't stopped since. Im terrified to know that I lost my baby! Drs haven't checked yet because they have told me some women spot and bleed through the beginning of their pregnancies. My hormone levels are up to 20,000 now. Im told that im about 5 wks pregnant now. Idk what to focus on anymore. Either to focus on my marriage because my husband threw me out and he told me he's going to file for divorce or if I should put all my attention on my baby and myself. I can't see myself not having this baby and I don't want to lose my family. Help I don't know what to do or think anymore! Im so overwhelmed!