I am a 32 yr old female who has had a lot of ups and downs in life my family life is wonderful my father passed tragically when I was very young and I only have a few memories of him. My mom did the best she could to be both mom and dad and I grew up with the ability to do anything I wanted to do whenever. Throughout my life I have lost some of the most important people in my life... lately I just cant seem to get with it I dont want to get out of bed i'm miserable and very irritable especially at work I find myself saying just end it already God because this life sucks... I find myself avoiding everyone and not really wanting to talk to anyone cuz really I got nothing nice to say... and dont want to bring anyone down I dont know what I should do scared to be on something that I have to take everyday and scared to talk with my doctor I also suffer from major social anxiety and my father was a manic depressant/ bipolar dont know if thats the same thing what can I do before I push everyone that loves me even further away? Help please