I've been on the Depo since june of this year. Before getting on this shot, i've had very very normal and regular periods. After my first injection in june, I didn't have any side effects for about 3 weeks. After those three weeks, I started spotting and then bleeding (more than spotting, less than a period) but enough to have to change my panty liner once or twice a day. This continued for the whole rest of the time, from 3 weeks of being on the shot all the way to my second injection. After my second injection(oct. 6), I started to only spot and then no bleeding/spotting at all for about 2 weeks and then I started spotting again which turned into bleeding. The bleeding wasn't bad but it is getting heavier. Ever since I started bleeding from the first injection, I noticed crazy facial acne and now I am noticing weight gain only in my hip area. I am so sick of this! I've told my gyno about this and I nearly cried because I feel major regret getting this shot because I've always had regular periods. My gyno keeps insisting it is normal but I know and feel I'm having crazy hormonal imbalance. I've even went as far as dieting and eating things to try and balance my hormones. I started dieting because of the weight gain in my hips but it doesn't seem to be helping much. I know this weight gain isn't from the common overeating since it is told Depo can increase appetite because I've been cautious this whole time about how much and what I eat and I'm still gaining weight. I need help!!! Ladies, please. I'm getting off this shot, my next Depo is supposed to be December. 14th but I'm not doing it because of all these side effects! I can't afford to gain any more weight and I'm sick of this bleeding. When I get off, what is the best and fastest way to balance my hormones again and get my body back to normal? I thought about switching to pills and that maybe it would straighten out my hormones and get me my periods back but I'm not too sure about that. Please please give me advice on what to do after I get off of this shot. And based on my side effects thus far, does anyone have an idea how my body will react after I stop taking this? And can someone please explain what is going on with me? My gyno is no help!!! P. S. I literally made an account on this website because I just can't handle this anymore and need advice.