In August of 2017 I got a Depo shot and was told to go back in November to get the second dose. During that time period I had found out I was pregnant. But I had a miscarriage on September 20. After that, I bleed for almost two months. I stopped bleeding in November. I never went to go get my second dose of the Depo because I was no longer with anybody at the time and found it useless. But in December I bleed for two weeks straight. But I found it suspicious because on Sunday I took two little hits from my friends wax pen and two days later I started bleeding. I thought it was my period and that it was just a coincidence. I had completely stopped bleeding on Thursday but still wore a pad just in case. After I knew I stopped bleeding completely, I slept over at my friends house. We smoked from their wax pen the whole weekend. I felt fine during the time beside the usual high. There was no bleeding nor spotting. I went home Sunday feeling completely fine. But on Monday January 1st I started to get cramps and my lower back was hurting. I started to spot and I got worried. I was scared because I had already got my period or at least I thought it was. Then on Tuesday (Jan. 2) I started bleeding a little bit more but it was light. On Wednesday my flow got heavier and I went through pads like crazy changing them every so often. I would also have to wake up from my sleep to change them. Today this morning I woke up and I had completely soaked through my pad. I'm starting to worry about whether I'm bleeding because I smoked, I haven't gotten my second dose of the Depo shot, or because of the miscarriage. I would really like some information that'll help me out and at least to calm my nerves. I hope everything was helpful and if not, I'd be willing to answer any questions you may have to help you more. Thank you in advance :)