:/ :/ unprotectedly We had sex Alot that night he came everytime .. it was valentines and i Got my shot the day before. I keep having symptoms like nausea, stomach like rumbling,cramping ... massive increase in my back pain.. and the other day at school out of no where i felt sick and i had diarea i dont know what happened i just didnt feel good all of a sudden. Ive had thick!!! white discharge or yellow .. i get wet when i sneeze oR cough I cant remember my last period because i dont really get one on depo its irregular anyways. He told me when we first started doing sexual things, that his doctor said hes not able to have kids because hes been kicked in the dick alot and that theres a very small chance like 0.5? but i asked if anyone else knew that like his mom and hes said no i took my self there.. i feel like he lied or something to havd unprotected sex... any opinions i need some answers!!! please help :/