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I have been off the Depo shot for about a month I've been having sex and spotting is that normal?

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Vwalters1993 26 Nov 2016

I've also been off for about a month and I've been spotting the entire time. It's definitely not 'normal' but it seems to be common for women to experience after depo. I would only go to the doctors for it if the bleeding was bad enough you were worried about losing too much blood. For me it's very light. Crazy annoying though.

LousArk 28 Nov 2016

As long as you are not using hormonal contraception, you can use a herbal remedy called agnus castus, to get your periods back into a regular cycle, & your hormones re-balanced. This is what sorted me out, after Depo Provera.
It is very common to experience the issues you mention, after stopping Depo Provera. I tried all sorts of medications & medical procedures to get things back to normal & only wish I'd found out about agnus castus, before allowing myself to be put through all that.
You can get it at health stores & online. I use the A. Vogel brand.
If you are in the USA, agnus castus is also known as Vitex. free discount card

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