So I'm going next week for my second dose next week of my Depo shot and I get them every 3 months so the first month I got my period a couple days before I got on it so that counted for my first period then my second period I didn't really bleed a lot but had spotting on and off for 3 weeks and now this one i didn't know when it was suppose to come since my last one lasted 3 weeks and when I started it was nothing I spotting really not filling my pad at all then stooped for a whole day then again another day n it went like that for 4 days and now today I been have a lot of clotting where there was a big chunk in my pad and when I used the bathroom in the toilet . I don't know what to say because I just want to know if its normal to just have these thick chunks of blood like this it doesn't even feel like blood it's super thick and gooey