I have a series of medical conditions, that prevent me from getting pregnant. Or so I thought. I found out I was pregnant and the doctor told me I wasn't allowed to carry on with the pregnancy and had to terminate due to my medications. I went, had to procedure, and had my depo shot at the same time. I was told bleeding from the procedure would only last 2-3 weeks. After that point it almost stopped for a couple days, and no its back heavy. It's been 5 weeks since my procedure. Can this be the depo? This is around the time when my period was due, and the bleeding got heavier at this time. Will it slow down after a week? Will it get better? How long does it normally last for? 5 Weeks of bleeding is driving me insane and it's taking us toll on my relationship.

IL after 2 weeks form the procedure it slowed down to light spotting which sucked as is, and now it's back to like a normal period. Will it slow down? Can this be caused by the depo? Please help!