Hi ,

I got the Depo shot when I was on the 8th day of taking combined pill ... does anyone know how soon you would be protected?
Ive had no withdrawal bleeding at all but did bleed during the 7 day gap in my pills

Has anyone had a similar experience ?

Just a bit more info... i had the depo shot once before which was in April this year ... at the 12 week Mark I switched to the pill as I bled for 4 weeks straight ... this did stop after I took norostherone and then had a bleed about 5 days after but the Dr warned me the bleeding could start again after the 2nd shot so I decided to switch to the pill.

The decision was taken to have the shot again in the 2nd month of pills as I was having a rash type side effect from the pill (which turned out to be penicillin rash from amoxicillin after an UTI infection)

I don't know what other information to write but it's telling me my question is too short