I've been on the Depo for only 3 months and it's been a week since I was supposed to go in for my next shot. Since it wasn't likely for me to get pregnant on the shot, my boyfriend had came in me every time and we had sex daily. But since the Depo has made it to where his cum literally falls out of me, we didn't think it was that big of a deal. Well within this week, he has came in me twice. And I still haven't when it to get my next shot. Also, I've been on my period for a month and a half, so about 2 months after taking the shot, I had started this never ending period. And I've been super exhausted, like I can't get enough sleep even though I'm sleeping 10+ hours a day, and I've been really moody but I blame the period for that. So do you think something is seriously wrong with me or could I be pregnant?