im 20 years old 5 foot at 125 pounds. i got off depo more then five months ago and still have no period, on top of that ive gained weight, i have cysts on both of my ovaries, its extremely difficult to become aroused due to my sex drive going WAY down, im always feeling like im going to get sick. ive taken several pregnancy tests and still comes back negative. i cant even seem to make it up a flight of stairs, just to get up and walk to the kitchen 20 feet away exausts me to the point im panting to catch my breath, im not out of shape because i am active and work as a dancer. whats wierd is most of the symptoms i have i began to notice two months to three months after being off depo. i litterally had to go out and get all new clothes because i gained this wieght it seemed like overnight. i cant drive a full trip without having to let someone else drive because i feel so close to vomiting. I need to know what to do about my period, my wieght, and ive been trying to concieve for four months with no luck, i dont know what to do !!!