... because me and my partner are ready for a baby... anyway my periods have been really irregular from feb 2014 i cam on every two weeks for a week... but on april 4th i came on and ive been on ever since... its got really heavy and more clotty... its now 15th may and its gotten heavier... ive asked a few people and they said they had a really long period and then it got regular,,, could anyone give me advice or support i am gettin really depressed because i want a baby and getting really weak and fed up of my period... i keep thinking i will never conceive.. i want a baby so bad..anyone got any ideas which will make me conceive faster... thank you.

Also now it has got more clottier and heavier would this be classed as an normal period. i need as much info as possible i am depressed because i think its never going to happen,,, i only had 2 jabs of the depo.. is anyone else having same symtoms as me/ is there anything i could take to hurry up to reguakte my periods/ i am taking iron, multivitamins, b12,b6 vitamin supplements but there not working... i am average weight\, have 8 hours sleep a night,