Hi there,
I would really love to speak with some people going through the same thing, I have been on birth control from the age of 16 to the day almost nearly 22 now (nearly 6 years) I started on birth control pills and then went onto the Depo shot for 1.5 years told I had to take a break and had the worst experience non stop bleeding for about 6 months had to see a GYN was told to take some medication to make it stop and go back onto the pill to regulate things was super forgetful with the pill and had breakthrough bleeding all the time, so was told I should try the Depo shot again, I was told by my doctor the chances of having the same experience when stopping it again should be slim but I have been reading other people's experiences and slight worried, I have only had 2 shots of the Depo this time, I would like to be ttc in the next year but not sure if I will even get a period back after stopping? My next shot is due on Jan 24th but I don't think I will be getting this, just need a bit of advice, I really want to be able to have kids hopefully in the next 2-3 years max
Thank you :)