A little background, Im 20 yrs old, I had surgery to remove the Endo in July. I went to visit an Endo specialist in August where he decided the Depo shot would be best BC for me (I was previously on Nuvaring for about a year). After the shot on August 12th I have not had a period at all. I have however been experiencing intense nausea, migraines, and cramps. The doctor said the cramps are from nerve memory in the uterus and ovaries from the Endo and I will be getting pain management injections for those this week. The side effects are making me very ill though. Ive been experiencing vertigo, abdominal pain, and breast tenderness as well. Im not sure if these are too normal though. They are very painful. The nausea and migraines have become extremely intense as well. PLEASE HELP, I was hoping I'd be done with pain after having the Endo removed but its just one thing after another.