I received my first method of birth control on the second day of my period (yesterday). I have a cycle range from like 23-28 days clean. my period got lighter immediately and the next day (today) it just stopped. Is this normal? Also, my boyfriend *caution* ejaculated twice the first day and the second day. I read that it was okay, because of the timing that i received the shot, that i had to wait a week, and i also read that you even have to wait for your third shot. I just want a clear answer to this... like is it normal that my period just stopped like my uuterus lining is just still hanging out in there not sheding at all? And also should i worry about pregnancy because ive read like 50 people saying they got pregnant. My half sister uses depo and her bf had unprotected sex as well and she bled for 6 weekss but shes not pregnant.. so idk. Also being on your period, theres no egg present anymore so is that factor helping me? Sorry for the long post but its christmas eve and the doctors office is closed! And how long until the depo prevents my pituitary gland from sending signaals and the cervical mucus to thicken ?