I've been on the depo Provera shot since I first ever started periods I was 16 and my mom made me go on it I never had missed a shot but I always seemed to have some problems about a week before I needed the shot I would bleed so that's when I'd be ready for another one but other things such as having a boyfriend I was 18 and decided to be sexually active we both were checked before anything well I think by the third year I went in to the ER because I had non stop bleeding they told me I had a pelvic infection so they gave me antibiotics my last shot was December 25 th 2015 because I know I want a family and I'm still with the same guy well any ways I was due for another shot March 25 I told them I didn't want it any more. It's been a little bit over a month . The first couple weeks I would bleed like if I needed a new shot . Then about a week after that I stopped the other night I had really bad pain like cramps then tonight I had went to the bathroom I whipped and was bleeding now I don't know if it makes a difference if you get the shot in your but or arm but I could not handle my arm also I never gained a lot of weight off the shot I'm thinking about making a appointment but I feel like they won't know what it is that and I never had a way to know if I have periods or not because had said when I had my first bleed they put me on the shot also I have been trying to find a way to know when I can get pregnant so I bought a ovulation kit that I good for how ever many times and on top bought tests . I never got a smile face tho for the ovulation kit . Can someone please tell me what's going on I only been off the shot a little over a month also have not been having sex because boyfriend is working and won't be back till July 9th so I figured that would be enough time to get a little more normal with my body. Just really would like to know if this is a real period and if so when can I possibly ovulate