... symptoms of depo withdrawal.
I need advice ... anything .. thought I was truly going insane
THe new health care system in California is slow... each visit means a two week wait to authorize and than make the next appointment {which is always two weeks after that}
I wanted to check into the mental ward last week because in the past two- three months its been hitting hard. I lost my job almost lost my guy {a few times} and everything is weird. I work in entertainment so for me to say weird ... I mean like a bad trip and I have been so confused.
I looked back and the only thing that every was constant or that a doctor kinda cared about was depo
I started researching and OMG out of the 80+ symptoms / side effects--- I have had or am having 95%. I am not blowing this out of proportion. When I read the very limited data and than the blogs and articles I actually could stop and breath for a second. Its so lonely on this side and it doesn't seem like anyone cares about anything other than bone lose... yeah,I broke my hand ... i'd rather that than my mind
I will take anything anyone has for me
thanx in advance