So I had my 1st shot in April 2014 then second shot July 2014, both times i bled for 3 weeks straight. i had quite a few side effects other than the bleeding like mood swings/cramping/headaches etc so i never went back on it. my husband and i want to start trying for a baby but i have not had my period since last july so it has been 12 months, ive been to see a few doctors but noone could give me an answer and just said these things happen with the depo and that the nurse who gave me the shot should of explained more about side effects etc... the last 2days ive had light spotting, cramping and mood swings (my husband pointed that out). im hoping im starting to return to normal ,fingers crossed. i was just wondering if anybody else has had the same thing or similar happen? and it so how long did it take to return back to normal cycle??
Thank you in advance.