I haven't had my period since I started, 7 weeks ago. I started in December on the 14th of 2015. My doctor did not tell me to wait a week for sex, but my boyfriend and I are very safe. He always urinates after/before engaging in sex, and pulls out with plenty of time to spare before ejaculation. I started getting symptoms exactly a week later, on the 21st. My boobs were sore, I had headaches, acne, abdominal pain- the common symptoms. What concerns me most is no period. That IS why I took the shot, so I wouldn't have a period, but my doctor told me I'd spot for the first month; although I didn't at all. For the last week I've spotted a little, but if I wasn't on depo I'd be on my period right now. Is that normal? I noticed I bled after sex one time a couple weeks back. I don't know how long depo symptoms can last, so that is why I'm concerned. I have 5 weeks until my next shot yet I still have symptoms. Should I be worried?