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Depo-Provera - My depo shot has stopped my period, and now having spotting could I be pregnant?

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kaismama 24 Aug 2014

You stopped bleeding because of the shot. Its not unusual to then have some spotting. I'd be rich if I could get a nickel for every woman I've told that spotting isn't a sign of pregnancy.

LousArk 24 Aug 2014

If you had unprotected sex prior to your Depo Shot, before you were proctected by it, then there's a chance you could be pregnant.
However, if you're meaning could you be pregnant since being covered by Depo, then I seriously doubt it.
Lots of women go between having spotting & no period at all when using Depo. If it's your first shot, then most people find things settle after 2 or 3 shots.
If you find the spotting becomes constant, then you can ask to have your next couple of shots brought forward a couple of weeks, & the normally stops the spotting, & you can then return to having your Depo at the normal interval. free discount card

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