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Depo-Provera - Got my depo shot the the next day I started bleeding? I'm I protected?

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LousArk 16 Jul 2016

If you had your shot within the first 5 days of your period, you're covered immediately.
Outside of that time, you are not covered for 7 days.
You may get bleeding for the first 2-3 shots. You are still covered against pregnancy.

dm_aba 17 Jul 2016

But I've been on it for two years now I get my period when my shots due. I had finished 3 days before I got my shot

LousArk 17 Jul 2016

In that case then as long as you get your shots on time you are covered continuously against pregnancy.
The manufacturer recommends that you take a break from Depo Provera every couple of years. This could be why you're getting bleeding near the time your shot is due.
You can force-stop the bleeding, if you don't want to take the recommended break, by getting your shot much earlier than it would have been due. That's something you can talk to your doctor about. It's what worked for me, but these days I wouldn't force my body to do anything. free discount card

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