... lasted 10 days for the first 3 months of being on it. Nurse said this was likely to calm down. I then had a scare with the injection in June as the nurse that administered it injected me too high (she injected me in the hip) so I was recalled and then reinjected correctly. In those 3 months, I had no periods at all. Got a different nurse last time and she injected me in the bum area (although i worried at the time that it might have been slightly high). That weekend I suffered from really bad headaches after it. Now today, a month after getting the injection, my period has returned and it's really heavy and I'm getting all the menstrual symptoms I used to get before I was on the injection (stomach cramps, backache the morning that period is due).

Is this normal when on the depo? I'm really worried I've been given another ineffective injection again