... 21-23 & from ages 27-29, which i had my only child 1 month after i turned 29, i immediately started back on the shot & have been for a little over 4 years now, i started having horrible migraines 1 & 1/2 years ago, which i was given amitriptyline for, then i started having horrible periods, so i stopped the amitriptyline, & within 2 months i became depressed, i guess u would call it, so now i am on celexa with the depo, i want to switch to the patch because i feel the shot is the underlying cause of my issues, plus there are warnings about the the interactions between celexa & depo, how will switching from depo (progestin) to the patch (estrogen & progestin) effect me at all, & how will it effect me while taking celexa? My hormones & emotions are all over the place