... just learning about how bad it is. More specifically I've been suffering from severe itching as if I have scabies (expect for the fact that I have no rashes whatsoever) Now, I am thinking that the depo shots may have been the cause. I am aware of the fact that the itching isn't the only problem but my poor bones are as well. I am just confused about what option there is for me. I know for a fact that I CANNOT tolerate a single day having a period ever again and will not tolerate it but then again I am literally poisoning my body but I can't have surgeries like hysterectomy. I heard of birth control pills but with those, I am "supposed" to have periods every 3 months and that's unacceptable. Also I heard of "mirena coil" but I was wondering if I was to have such thing inserted would I feel if something is there? I also heard of endometrial ablation but I am not sure if I had that then would I need to take hormones because I certainly don't want to have any more estrogen in me