I have been on the depo shot since August of 2014. Things were okay until about three weeks before my third shot was due in January 2015. I started bleeding heavy with clots and my dr. Informed me the third shot would stop it. It did not. I have been bleeding and passing quarter size clots since. Did not go for my fourth shot in April. It is now May 5th and it has no signs of stopping. I have searched all over the Internet with no luck in finding how long this can last only people's experiences. I have read a lot of people go on hormones to stop the bleeding but I really don't want anymore false hormones in my body. I'm trying to let my body heal on its own. I'm trying to stay positive and drinking a lot of water. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am 39 with three kids. Other then the bleeding I have had no other side effects.