... later I started being emotional and almost like if I was in depression I'd have anxiety it was just bad so then around the end of june I decided I wasn't going to take depo anymore I was scheduled to do so during the first week of July The thing is during the months of April I didn't have my period at all and neither on May until June I did got it on the Normal days Ive always had periods that usually lasts 4 days but once I hit July I bleed for the whole month non stop and keep in mind I decided not to take depo after my first shot in April. It is now September and I'm still bleeding. This is really affecting my sexual life you know not being able to have sex with your boyfriend for months and not knowing what to tell him when will it stop there's literally nothing I can do because I have no control over it i don't know if there's some pills I can take or something that can make my periods regular once again. I need helpful answers