Okay so i just had my last baby last year in November after having him i believed i was in heaven cause i hardly bleed after having him, i started the depo in January of this year and i had not bleed except towards the last month before needing to go back in for the second shot. But i had a period for 3 days and stopped, so we went camping and missed my appointment. In the meantime while we were camping i started bleeding again so when i got home i scheduled another appt. I went in about a week later and got my second shot, while i was the there i let them know how my periods had been and i was given this response," most likely the bleeding wss because my body was telling me it was time for my shot, also that more then likely i would stop bleeding within a few days." Well after that few days i stopped bleeding or so i thought, after two days i started again and haven't stopped since. Is this normal cause i never bleed like this in my life! Has this happened to anyone else? Should i be going back to the doctors?