... now im used to getting kind of nervous about some things every now and then but nothing like this. i get soooo super nervous and shaky and jittery, and i get kind of light headed. then im wanting to cry. not depressed, just wanna cry.

i spoke with my cousin about this and she said that she had this problem with a different birth control, but when i spoke with the clinic that gave it to me she said that this is not a symptom of any type of birth control and maybe i just developed anxiety. i even spoke with my pharmacist and she said that it was a symptom but if i could get estrogen or estrogen only birth control that it would ease the symptoms. im even beginning to spot a little bit, not much though. i told the nurse what i was told she said i can not be put on anything else until this shot wears off and that will be beginning of october!

what im wondering is who is right? could this be the shot causing it? cause i have honestly NEVER had anxiety symptoms or anything like this until i got the shot and its been worse since then. im even getting bad headaches in the afternoon and nausea in the morning, usually eases off closer to the night. and no im not pregnant, believe me im not. i do have pcos if that means anything.