... recently decided to stop and did not get my shot when I was due in June. It has been almost 3 months and a week ago I spotted only once a tiny bit, since then I have had horrible cramps, my breasts are sore and feel heavy. I am hoping these are only side effects of coming off the depo. Mind you I am now 22 so I was on the depo for 8 years and it is highly recommended to not be on it for even more than 2 years. I originally started depo because of my severe periods and cramps. The first 6 months I started depo were rough, I was having light periods non stop up until my 3rd shot and after that point I maybe had 2-3 light cycles within the whole 8 years on depo. I did gain some weight also, but at 130 now being 4'11 I'm content with my weight. My sex drive is almost non existent, only really wanting sex maybe once a month sometimes not even that. I hoping I get my sex drive back soon and I have seen an increase since stopping. I guess my question though is these side effects of coming off the depo normal and how long will it take to have a period?