Im 25 years old with no children I got on depo when I was 14 due to painful cramps and long heavy periods that I wanted to stop, in which they did for sure I only had spotting for the first few months of me being on it after that they stopped all together.

At 19 I decided to get off being that I wasnt very sexually active and I was ready to get my body back normal. My periods came back maybe about 6 months after being off though they were super irregular sometimes 2x a month or even at the end of the month then the beginning of the next month. It bothered me but I figured it'd be just temporary. After about 3 months of crazy periods you can bet they stopped again this time about two years passed no periods still.

My doctor gave me birth control pills to help with my cycle in which they did but the side effects sucked sore breast, bloating, mood swigs, ect. So me being a crybaby decided to stop taking the bc pills. And yup my cycle came to a halt again.

Its been all of two years now and still no periods I would have spotting every now and then but it only last about a day at a time. At times I have bad tummy aches and cramps as if I was on my period by nothing comes. Not sure what to do now I just want my body back normal also my husband and I want kids soon and I don't want that to mess with that process.

My husband has two previous children so were more worried when it comes to me having kids. According to my doctor everything seems fine but I don't feel as though she is taking it very serious.

Does anyone have any suggestions???