... weeks i got it and had sex protected the condom broke. No cum or anything anyway her continued after replacement. 3 days later i was spotting bright red. But the two weeks ago i was on my period. So i waited a week the blood picked up i got worried i went to plan parenthood. She checked me for sti and screening for cancer. And she end up saying i have a bv. I took her medicine she gave me. I was still bleeding for two weeks i called up there everything negative. My butt and vagina kept hurting in some places. The nurse said for me to take ibuprofen 600 mg up to 3 days every 6 or 8 hours. I did that and the up coming Monday i was supposed to come in. So the bleeding starts to lighten and stop. It did, lighten up. I went in to the doctor. She said i could have a uti causr i was on and off agian hurting when i pee. And she said maybe a yeast infection from all the pills. So i take pills for both of those and i get testes for herpes which come back negative. I now have blood clots coming out of me and I'm so mad and depressed and crying all the time.i cant take this. And i have joint bone aches. I take vitamin c and d which kinda helped. I'm so depressed i can barely eat. I gained 16 lbs and lost 10 lbs. I get bad cramping on the right side. And random pinching /poking feeling down there every where. I woke up a few time wobbly and dizzy. Under my rib cage hurt on and off. And my butt area hurt on and off i think cause of the pads for 3 weeks. I hate this and will never get this again.Is this normal? And how can i stop the bleeding and should i go back to the doctor or hospital?