Hello all,
Need some advise or maybe reassurance if anyone has suffered this before...
I was on the depot injection for 11yrs and it worked perfectly for me. No periods or side effects.
I came off it to have a baby which again no problems and got pregnant in less then a year of coming off to my amazement.
Decided 8 weeks after giving birth to go back on the depo, as health visitor advised to go back on something. But when I went back on the depo I wouldn't stop bleeding, and it was heavy! On the first shot.
So I made the decision to not have the depo anymore and to let me body go back to a normal cycle, and it did. I've had a year of normal regular periods.
But this month I went back on the depo, I got the depo 5 days before my normal period was meant to start. It seemed to work perfectly and stopped me having a period 10days after it was due. But now I've started bleeding with advendance !
Im on day 7 of bleeding and it doesn't appear to be letting up. So I'm starting to get worried I'm going to go down the route of the 2nd time I got it done which is continuous bleeding.
So my question is ... as it worked perfectly for me the first time round, why is it having this effect of constant bleeding again now.
Should I just continue with it and hope my periods will stop again. Or has childbirth changed how my body accepts the depo now?
Thank you for your advise and help in advance.