I started depo may 20th and it's now July 22nd. After starting depo I didn't bleed until June 6th when my scheduled period started. It lasted for 2 weeks straight, nearing three. I bled out like crazy. And ever since, I've continued to bleed. Sometimes brown, red, black and then back to brown. Its greatly slowed down this month and it's no longer black, but there's still a ton of brown discharge and blood going on every single day and it's constant except for the very occassional spotting every great while. Now I love this shot. 99.9% effective, taken 4 times a year, and I trust that I won't become pregnant. But the blood is disgusting for intimacy and I don't know whether to switch to an alternative or to ride it out because it may get better or what. Any suggestions are welcome! I've heard that some stop bleeding soon enough and some NEVER stop.