I had the shot in June and continued to have a period, then began to bleed from mid August until September when I got my shot again. I have bled non-stop since; it's been so heavy at times that I will go through a super plus tampon and a pad in three hours. I had heavy periods before, but now my legs hurt, my hair seems to fall out more, I've gained 15 pounds (I'm now 5'8" and 145), I'm emotional, I feel bloated in my stomach and legs, I can't sleep, I'm depressed, I'm forgetful, and I've blacked out from lack of iron and potassium.

My symptoms are similar to hashimoto's disease/hypothyroidism, so I had blood work earlier in the week, but I am still waiting for the results. My mother is freaking out and thinks I have cervical cancer, so I made an appointment, but the doctor can't get me in for three week. My mother-in-law is the nurse who gave me the shots, and she thinks that I'm just anemic, but I think it's something more serious.

Has anyone experienced what I am experiencing?