Migraines changed 2.5 years ago after having my son. Yes, took meds while pregnant and all proper precautions. He is adorable and healthy. My migraines used to be controlled for over 10 years. I might have had one every couple years. Now I get them all the time and they are always different. Sometimes vision loss but no pain. Sometimes migraine lasts 20 minutes and I can go about. Yesterday laid me up with the whole numbness on one side, pain on opposite side of head, nausea and more for 8 hrs. I'm incredibly active. If I don't eat right or workout I gain weight easily but am very athletic and always have an "on the go" lifestyle. This new way of migraine unpredictability is not cutting it. Suggestions? Tips? I have done food testing and stay clear from many foods I am sensitive to. I don't have any allergies but will say that did help a bit. Been trying to pay more attention and notice I do get them after a workout when my sinuses have pressure (which is always). Sometimes a decongestant will help others it won't. I require a lot of sleep to function.. I would say that was the medicine but I have always been this way. How do you guys cope with changes in your body? Have you approached or talked to your Neurologist about alternative meds? Always been afraid to dabble in something new because this was my first med and it always worked so well.. Until now. Open to any suggestions. Sorry about the lengthy book. Hard to condense 15 years of history.