3 weeks ago I finished a slow taper off of Remeron, that I had been on a year. That was originally given to me for sleep and to get me off of a Ativan dependency. I was on Ativan 0.5 mg for 4 years for sleep. Something happened and I started getting really sick from the Ativan and more anxious.
Remeron 15mg worked like a charm. I took that at night, and little tiny 1/4 of Ativan 3 x a day till I was off completely. I had been off Ativan for 1 1/2 years.
Recently doctor wanted me off remeron, due to weight gain. slow wean down. jumped off at 5 mg. 2 weeks later started getting the worst shakes and anxiety of my life. A different doctor gave me .5 of an Ativan in his office just to calm me down so I wouldn't have a stroke, or something. I have been on Ativan 1mg a day for 1 week, and the Ativan started making me feel super sick again... OR is it the withdrawal from remeron just hitting... or both.
Talked with my pdoc and he wants to reinstate remeron at a very low dose tonight to see if it is withdrawal, and he said just stop the Ativan. My nervous system is so sensitive, I'm wondering if I could be dependant on the Ativan already, because maybe my brain "recognized" it from 1 1/2 years ago. I asked my pdoc, he says no, I just wondered what you fine people with experience in this area think about that theory. the Ativan makes me feel weird when I take it, and only lets me sleep 3hrs, max.
thank you so much!!