I am 57 and have fibromyalgia/neuropathy related pain. My neurologist is very good and after months of testing and attempts on his part to help me, we finally determined that I needed to see a pain management specialists. The pain dr tried some different things and then prescribed Nucynta. ER 100mg twice per day. Wow, it made a big difference. It made the day tolerable, I could function better at work and all was good. Over time I noticed that I if I didn't take my dose I had a craving to take it, not only driven by the pain but within 20 minutes of taking it I felt mentally better and more alert and able to focus. Naturally if your in less pain you can focus better but I began to be worried that I was mentally dependent on it. Over time it seemed like this became worse so I stopped taking it. It was difficult... it felt like all my joints were hurting and my cravings were strong to start taking it..but after about a week or so I weaned myself off of it. It's been over a year since I stopped but I'm working many many hours now on a special desk job project spending hours sitting in front of the computer (a desk job makes the pain worse). I need some pain relief and I'm thinking about asking the Doctor to start my Nucynta again. Here is my question: What is your experience with Nucynta and have you heard of people having similiar experiences? How do I determine if this craving is a substantive problem with long term issues? I'm willing to give up some control and submit to the cravings so I can function but does anyone know if this is a longer term issue? One day will I need to be taking even more and more? Thanks and appreciate your input. Robert