I have been sober for two years and two months. I started drinking at the age of twelve, My drinking got heavy at the age of tweenty. I began drinking every day from morning till i passed out. When I got intruduced to AA it was suggested that I get a sponsor after working my steps she suggested I make and appointment with my dr. To discuse how I was going thry so many emotions that I had no control over. Anxiety, unable to sleep, fear, anger... Dr px me Paxil and that worked for a couple of months then dr ask that I see a phytrst and the she diagnosed me on the first day manic deppresint/biopolar!. I personaly think that im not bipolar and i dont know how to go about requesting just antidepressent and noy bipolar meds. Ii dony want to make her feel like im not complaying maybe someone has a sggestion or maybe had similer experiance. Someone pls help