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Depakote ER - I have been on this med for six months and I have trouble focusing. Is that normal?

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Rajive Goel 2 Apr 2012

The most common side effect while taking Depakote ER is drowsiness, in around 26% people who take this med, maybe you could have trouble focusing because of this effect.

However, if you feel its to bothersome, please do seek advice from the doc/pharmacist who prescribed the med to give you an alternate which would be more suitable to your system.

Take care, best wishes!

slattery 2 Apr 2012

Just like Rajive said, yes extreme drowsiness is what you may mostly notice using this drug. I've used it long-term though, and in fact, used alone without anything else I find that my focus and perception is excellent (putting aside the fact that a 1 1/2 hour daily nap probably helps out with THAT lol!).
The drug data doesn't cite your issue as being a side effect either; so do you think it's possible that you might have acquired a touch of ADHD, as it can tend to happen with bipolar disorder? THAT issue would cause a lack of focus. Or alternatively, the depakote IF coupled with another drug, might cause you to zone out a bit, depending on the dosage plus the other drug(s). Hope that you get to the bottom of this! Kathleen

masbit001525 3 Apr 2012

So what if I can't take a nap by the time I I get its and almost time for bed. And I dont have time for.a nap at work

slattery 3 Apr 2012

No, the point I was making was that it's probably easier for me to feel focused, as there is usually a correlation between ample rest and ability to focus. That might be an extenuating reason as to why I am not noticing any sort of lack of focus pertaining to consumption of depakote. Hope this clarifies the idea I was trying to communicate...

masbit001525 3 Apr 2012

When you go to sleep do you sleep way to much. Cause I cansleep 12 hours and wanna go back to bed 3 hours later.

slattery 3 Apr 2012

Oh gosh NO! Absolutely, I DID - for a period running 6 YEARS - when I combined this drug with ZYPREXA... which in my own estimation was a deadly, nasty, and WAY too powerful drug for me! Depakote in and of itself is already an extremely strong drug. I do take a long nap each afternoon... but when I go to bed @ about 11:00PM or midnight, I just sleep about 6 1/2 hours overnight. I am up with the birds singing, and can sustain my up and go until about 4:00PM - but that's when I crash again; and I DO need that sleep. Weirdly, if I don't get it, let the fatigue come and go, I then have a difficulty falling asleep at night - I am too mentally hyperactive.

masbit001525 4 Apr 2012

I take lamitical with it to. I take a bigger does at night.and it just sucks going to sleep at 9 and waking up at 11 or 12. Then still being tired free discount card

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