Taking Depakote 500mg bid/day for partial seizures with photophobia status post concussion from mva for 1.5 years now.
I used to take Adipex 37.5mg to loose weight, but in the process found out it was AMAZING helping me with concentration and getting things done. That's when I self-diagnosed with adhd after taking several tests. I have not been able to follow up with a professional for the adhd. However, every research I have read is consistent with how I behave since childhood into adulthood now.

The purpose for my question is because I would like to be able to feel that ability to concentrate on a task and complete it.
I have so much to do; yet cannot accomplish it. Then I get frustrated with myself. I am very hard on myself. And as a consequence of the concussion from the mva, when I get stressed out I get the migraine headaches, so I must stay calm. But how can I?
I have bills to pay. So much to follow up on. I was the one to take care of all business at home. I am tired of this lack of ability to getting things done. I've put up with it for so long! It is truly disrupting my daily life again now that I am feeling better and a little more active after the accident; the old monster (lack of concentration) comes back.