I was prescribed 250mg of Depakote ER to take once at night. I will also take this in conjunction to Klonopin if I feel the need, since my psych is using the Depakote for anxiety and to stabilize my mood. After reading what Depakote is for however, and all the side effects such as vomiting, upset stomach, hair loss, weight gain, etc. I am not only kind of not wanting to start it, but am wondering if he gave me the appropriate medication since it sounds like it is for mania or more bipolar symptoms. I used to take Klonopin 2mg daily about 5 years ago and that helped with the anxiety, then I had a period where I didn’t feel I needed any medication, and now that I am experiencing periods of random panic and anxiety again a few years later, he refuses to go on that amount of Klonopin daily as I was previously taking, and has me on .5mg to take as needed; along with the Depakote. My other choice was lithium, and I have read bad things about that prior to seeing him so that was a definite no go for me. My question is, is with this amount of Depakote (250mg once a day) if I should be worried about the side effects such as toxicity to the liver, hair loss, weight gain, vomiting, etc etc etc. I want to get better and for something to help, and I know the Klonopin works so that is kind of upsetting he wouldn’t refill that to a higher dose, I guess I am just not sure about this new medication. I am also getting sick (cold) so will also probably be taking mucinex or something in the near future so wondering if I should just wait until everything passes. The Klonopin gets me by for now when I have panicky episodes, but as said, I know he won’t prescribe that as often or as much as I would need it, so eventually would need something else. Just wondering if Depakote was the right thing. I know I won’t know until I try it, but just needing reassurance, personal experience, something..I am just not looking forward to starting it unless I know it will help.